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Controlled Semiconductor, Inc.
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CONTROLLED SEMICONDUCTOR, INC. (ConSemi) was founded to fill the void in the Semiconductor development process. ConSemi has developed the latest ablation and deposition technologies in Photomask (LCD and Semiconductor) Repair, LCD Panel Repair and PDP Repair. In 2004, ConSemi developed the new MRT (Mask Repair Tool) and the PPT (Panel Repair Tool) utilizing the latest DUV femtosecond laser technology. ConSemi has also revolutionized the way the mask repair industry processes and repairs masks by introducing a variety of metrology tools mounted directly on the repair tool. This allows the mask or panel to remain in the tool until the entire process has been completed and verified.

In addition, Controlled Semiconductor, Inc is active in developing processes and introducing products for the entire process of semiconductor development. For the photomask repair area, ConSemi next focuses on the dicing of wafers with the introduction of the WAFER ls (laser saw). The WAFER ls offers customers the alternative to processing in either a wet or dry environment. From the wafer process, ConSemi then moves further into the production arena with the introduction of the L²S² (Laser Leadframe Singulation/Isolation System). This unique process allows customers to either isolate leads in leadframe form or to perform strip tests. With ConSemi’s partnership with MCT (Micro Component Technologies), we can offer packaging facilities, a well-known solution to a new industry problem. And not to leave out the backend of the industry, ConSemi will reintroduce the FATcat (Failure Analysis Tool, C-Mode (AMI), Alpha Spectrometry, Topography). The FATcat was developed previously by one of ConSemi's founders, and is now being reintroduced to meet the original design concepts of the system. The FATcat will allow the failure analysis lab to perform decapsulization, material characterization, and cross-sectioning; all using one tool with no harmful chemicals.

Controlled Semiconductor, Inc. brings over 30 years semiconductor industry experience to the marketplace. The members of our solutions-driven team come directly from the top semiconductor and semiconductor process equipment manufacturers and know the meaning of our company slogan:"Shrink to Grow".

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Controlled Semiconductor, Inc. is focused on providing the solutions the industry has demanded, and will continue to do so well into the future. We are continually developing the latest technologies in conjunction and JDP's with the leading semiconductor manufacturers and industry leaders. We invite our customers to navigate through this site and see "Tomorrows Technology Today."